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Neighborhood Watch

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Duties & Responsibilities

Non-Emergency Police Number   318-449-5099     

For ALL Emergencies DIAL 911

Alexandria Police Department Responsibilities

  • Assist with educational and social neighborhood meetings
  • Attend your organizational meetings
  • Help you get your neighborhood organized
  • Pass important information to area coordinators in your neighborhood

Section Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Encourage Block Captains to have regular meetings with the crime watch residents
  • Organize Block Captains to best cover the neighborhood and recruit replacement Block Captains when positions open up
  • Serve as the main contact between the Police Department and your neighborhood watch by receiving information from the Police Department and passing it on to the Block Captains
  • Submit crime watch sign requests

Block Captain Responsibilities

  • Meet with residents on a regular basis (a Crime Prevention Officer can make presentations at these meetings or you might have a Block Party)
  • Maintain up-to-date contact sheets
  • Facilitate painting of house numbers on front curbs and back of houses in alleys. (Foundation provides paint and stencils)
  • Create and monitor a neighborhood communication group (Facebook, NextDoor, GroupMe, etc)
  • Notify Area Coordinator if they are no longer able to perform Block Captain Duties
  • Pass on the information received from the area coordinator to the individual residential households

Neighbor Responsibilities

As a Crime Watch Neighbor, your responsibilities is to be a good neighbor by watching out for one another's property and by reporting suspicious activity to the police. You should know the three neighbors across the street from your home, on each side, and the three neighbors behind your residence.

You should have a heightened awareness for your neighbors welfare and you should be more than willing to report suspicious activity to the police. Citizens can be assured that when they report suspicious activity, their name will be held in strictest confidence.

GDNF President- 

Heather Matlock, 318-229-7613, heatherwisematlock@gmail.com

“Old Menard” Section A-

Block Captain 1- vacant     Block Captain 2- vacant     Block Captain 3- vacant

“Bolton High” Section B-

Block Captain 1- vacant     Block Captain 2- vacant     Block Captain 3- vacant

“AMMS” Section C-

Block Captain- vacant

“Prompt Succor” Section D-

Block D1- vacant

Block D2- David Holcombe, 402 Hillcrest, daniho402@gmail.com, 318-443-4148
& Marty Motes, 404 Bush Avenue, 337-396-3076, camulus@yahoo.com

Block D3- vacant

“Rugg Elementary” Section E-
Block E1- vacant

Block E2- Henry Robertson, Thornton Court, 318-787-3018, henryorobertson@gmail.com


“Ivy League District” Section F-

Block Captain 1-  Bob Winans, bobwinans@gmail.com, 1820 Stanford Street, 318-442-1245


“Post War Suburbs” Section G-

Block Captain 1- vacant

“City Park” Section H-

Block Captain 1- vacant     Block Captain 2- vacant

Non-Emergency Police Number   318-449-5099     

For ALL Emergencies DIAL 911

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