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Duties of the Voting Executive Board

Section 1. Executive Officers

A. The President shall:

1. Preside at all meetings of the Foundation and of the Executive Board.
2. Appoint chairs of and monitor the action of committees.
3. Be a member ex-officio of all committees.
4. Act in accordance with the rules of the Garden District Neighborhood Foundation.
5. Oversee the activities of the Officers and Directors.

B. The Secretary shall:

1. Keep accurate minutes of Executive Board Meetings and Public Meetings.
2. Keep a database of emails and addresses for board members and neighborhood volunteers.
3. Keep a file of all Foundation documents and other information for future reference.

C. The Treasurer shall:

1. Keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures.
2. Make disbursements of funds.
3. Deposit all funds in the name of the Garden District Neighborhood Foundation in financial institutions as designated by the Executive Board.
4. Present an accurate financial statement at every regular meeting of the Foundation, and at other times when requested by the President or the Executive Board.
5. Coordinate and oversee collection of funds.

Section 2: Board of Directors

All Directors shall act as aides to the President, recruit and supervise assistants
necessary to fulfill their responsibilities of office and perform the duties of the
President in the absence of that officer, in the following order:

A. The Director of Public Relations shall:

1. Be responsible for promoting events.
2. Schedule media appearances
3. Help oversee Foundation social media presence

B. The Director of City Government and Business Affairs shall:

1. Act as a liaison with elected officials and monitor City Hall.
2. Act as liaison with area businesses.
3. Act as liaison with city crime prevention organizations.
4. Act as a liaison to Alexandria Police and Fire Departments and other emergency medical services.

C. The Director of Neighborhood Beautification shall:

1. Oversee neighborhood Public Works (streets, parks, transportation) and beautification.
2. Conduct the Yard of the Month program.
3. Plan Neighborhood Clean-Up and Beautification Days.
4. Cooperate with the Cleanest City Contest.

D. The Director of Youth and Education shall:

1. Act as liaison to neighborhood schools, child care facilities and recreation programs.
2. Coordinate projects, programs, and other events for neighborhood children.


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